City of Abilene
Special Called Meeting/Work Session

Shane Price, Mayor Pro-tem
Bruce Kreitler, Council Member
Kyle McAlister, Council Member
Robert Hanna, City Manager
Anthony Williams, Mayor Donna Albus, Council Member
Weldon Hurt, Council Member
Steve Savage, Council Member
Stanley Smith, City Attorney
Rosa Rios, City Secretary

Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the City Council of City of Abilene to be held on Friday, February 2, 2018 at 9:00 AM at (AS AMENDED) 4310 Buffalo Gap Road, South Branch Library, Mall of Abilene, 1st Floor, South Conference Room, Abilene, Texas 79606, for the purpose of considering the following agenda items.


1.Councilmember Steve Savage

Discussion of the following:

*  Seven Strategic Focus Areas

        I. Effective Governance

       II. Downtown Hotel

      III. Financial Discipline

      IV. Quality of Life

       V. Reliable Infrastructure

      VI. Excellent Service

     VII. Economic Growth

    VIII. Engaged Community

*  Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct

*  City Council Priorities

      I. Infill Development

     II. Downtown Hotel

    III. Identify was to reduce expenditures and create efficiencies

    IV.  Determine our total cost of deferred maintenance

     V.  Street Maintenance

    VI. Development along I-20

*  Public Works Overview - Where Does the Money Go?


EXECUTIVE SESSION:  The City Council of the City of Abilene will convene into executive session to discuss the following, as authorized by the noted Texas Government Code Sections:


A)  551. 074 (Personnel Matters)

      Evaluation, performance, compensation of City Manager, City

      Attorney, Municipal Court Judge and City Secretary


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Abilene will provide for reasonable accommodations for persons attending City Council meetings.  To better serve you, requests should be received 48 hours prior to the meetings.  Please contact Tiffni Hererra, Assistant City Secretary, at 325-676-6208.

I hereby certify the above meeting notice as amended was posted on the bulletin board at the City Hall of the City of Abilene, Texas, on the 29th day of January 2018, at 4:50 p.m.



Rosa RiosTRMC

City Secretary