City of Abilene
City Council Agenda

Shane Price, Mayor Pro-tem
Bruce Kreitler, Council Member
Kyle McAlister, Council Member
Robert Hanna, City Manager
Anthony Williams, Mayor Donna Albus, Council Member
Weldon Hurt, Council Member
Steve Savage, Council Member
Stanley Smith, City Attorney
Tiffni Hererra, Assistant City Secretary

Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the City Council of City of Abilene to be held on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 8:30 AM at 555 Walnut Street, 2nd Floor Council Chambers, Abilene, TX, for the purpose of considering the following agenda items. All agenda items are subject to action. The City Council reserves the right to meet in a closed session on any agenda item should the need arise and if applicable pursuant to authorization by Title 5, Chapter 551, of the Texas Government Code.
1.Councilman Bruce Kreitler

Wylie High School -Tennis State Champions


Employee Service Award:

30 Years

Harvey Heath        Supervisor III          Public Works


1.Approval of the minutes from the Regular Meeting held on October 26th, 2017 and the Regular Meeting held on November 2, 2017
All consent agenda items listed are considered to be routine by the City Council and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Councilmember or Citizen so requests, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately. 

Ordinance:  (First Reading) Adopting the 2018 Standards of Care; and setting a public hearing for December 7th, 2017 (Lesli Andrews)


Resolution: Authorizing the City Manager to hire a Zoo Veterinary Technician and upgrade a part time Zoo Keeper to a full time Zoo Keeper position. (Lesli Andrews)

3.Resolution:  Approving Purchase of four Solid Waste Roll Off Trucks (Chris Taylor)

Resolution: Authorizing the City Manager to execute a Construction Contract for Demolition Activities with Geneco Technologies, LLC in support of the Kmart Remodel/LEC project. (Wayne Lisenbee)

1.Resolution: Awarding bid to Nova Painting LLC for the Grimes Water Treatment Plant 5.0 MG Clearwell Rehabilitation Project (Rodney Taylor)

Consider adoption of an ordinance authorizing the issuance of City of Abilene, Texas, General Obligation Refunding Bonds for refinancing outstanding debt; establishing procedures and delegating authority for the sale and delivery of the bonds; approving and authorizing an official statement and certain documents relating to said bonds; providing an effective date; and enacting other provisions relating to the subject.  (Mike Rains)

3.Ordinance & Public Hearing:  (Final Reading) Z-2017-18 A request from HIT Ventures LLC, represented by Harley Burnett, Agent CJ Chaney, to rezone two (2) lots from AO (Agricultural Open Space) to GC (General Commercial) located at the northwest corner of Maple St. and S. 27th St (Taurus Freeman)
4.Ordinance & Public Hearing: (Final Reading) Z-2017-19 A request from Charles Coody, agent eHT, to enlarge the boundary of Planned Development District located at 1510 E. Industrial Boulevard, and amending Planned Development District Number 70), to allow PH (Patio Homes), and to amend other specific regulations. Located at 1510 E. Industrial Boulevard and the 1500 Block of the north side of E. Industrial Boulevard (Taurus Freeman)
5.Ordinance & Public Hearing: (Final Reading) OAM-2017-04 Amendment to the Land Development Code (LDC) regarding Section ‘All Other Uses Without Specific Requirements’ pertaining to changing (33) LIQUOR STORE, On-Premise Consumption; subpart a. Distances Required (Taurus Freeman)

The City Council of the City of Abilene reserves the right to adjourn into

executive session at any time during the course of this meeting to discuss any of the matters listed, as authorized by Texas Government Code Sections

1. 551.071 (Consultation with Attorney)

A) Rules of Procedures - Code of Ethics


The following pending litigation subjects which may be discussed are:

1. City of Abilene, Texas v. Aurora Bumgarner; 104th Judicial District Court,Taylor County, Texas; filed November 17, 2011

2. Chad Carter v. City of Abilene, Texas; Cause No. 10138-D, In the 350thJudicial District Court, Taylor County, Texas, filed June 17, 2014

3. Susan Lewis King & Austin King MD vs Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas and the City of Abilene. Cause No. D-1-GN-16-001160, filed March 16,


4. Abilene Matera LLC v. Board of Building Standards for the City of Abilene and City of Abilene, Cause No. 10696-D. March 17, 2016.

5. Ruby Flores and Cory Almanza v. Jesus Verastegui, Alfredo Verastegui, Rosalva Verastegui, and City of Abilene, Cause No. 49368-A, 42nd District Court, Abilene, Taylor County, Texas, filed April 13, 2016

6. E.G., et al. v. Barry Bond, City of Abilene, and Abilene Independent School District, Case 1:16-cv-00068-BL, U.S. District Court, Northern District, Abilene Division, filed April 28, 2016

7. Robert Steven Reitz v. City of Abilene, Texas, et al., Case No. 1:16-cv-00181-BL; In the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas, Abilene Division, filed October 10, 2016

8. City of Abilene and Development Corporation of Abilene v. Texas Municipal League Governmental Risk Pool, Cause No. 11018-D In the 350th Judicial District Court, Taylor County, Texas, filed January 9, 2017

9. Iris Guerrero, et al. v. Taylor County, Texas, et al., Civil Action No. 1:17-cv-00050-BL, In the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas, Abilene Division, filed April 6, 2017

10. Cause No. 11088-D, Ex Parte: Luke Matthew Sweetser, In the 350th Judicial District Court, Taylor County, Texas, filed April 6, 2017

11. Fred Hunter v. City of Abilene Water Department; Cause Number SC17-22643J12; In the Small Claims Court, Precinct 1, Place 2, Taylor County, Texas, filed September 5, 2017


2. 551.072 (Deliberations about Real Property)

A) Winn-Dixie/Kmart Building



3. 551.073 (Deliberations about Gifts and Donations)


4. 551.074 (Personnel Matters)

A) Appointment to City Secretary's Position


City Council may consider appointment, employment, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of public officers or employees, City Manager, City Attorney, Municipal Court Judge, City Secretary, and City Board and Commission Members.


The following Boards and Commissions may be discussed:

Abilene Health Facilities Development Corp.

Abilene Higher Education Facilities Corporation

Abilene-Taylor County Events Venue District

Board of Adjustments

Board of Building Standards

Civic Abilene, Inc.

Civil Service Commission

Development Corporation of Abilene, Inc.

Firemen's Pension Fund Board

Frontier Texas! Board of Directors

Abilene Housing Authority

Landmarks Commission

Library Board

Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical & Swimming Pool Board of Appeals

Mental Health-Mental Retardation Board of Trustees

9-1-1 Emergency Communications District Board of Managers

Parks & Recreation Board

Planning and Zoning Commission

Taylor County Appraisal District

West Central Texas Municipal Water District

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board


5. 551.087 (Business Prospect/Economic Development)

A) Hotel Proposals


6. 551.076 (Deliberations about Security Devices)

1.Action if needed from Executive Session

Resolution:  Voting for an individual on the Board of Directors of the Jones County Appraisal District. (Tiffni Hererra)

2.Resolution:  Voting for an individual(s) on the Board of Directors of the Central Appraisal District of Taylor County (Tiffni Hererra)
3.Resolution:  Appointing Members to various Boards and Commissions per the City Charter - Civil Service Commission (Tiffni Hererra)

Oral Resolution:  Discussion and possible action for appointment to the City Secretary position

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Abilene will provide for reasonable accommodations for persons attending City Council meetings.  To better serve you, requests should be received 48 hours prior to the meetings.  Please contact Tiffni Hererra, Assistant City Secretary, at 325-676-6208.

I hereby certify that the above notice of meeting was posted on the bulletin board at the City Hall of the City of Abilene, Texas, on the ______ day of November, 2017, at ___________.


Tiffni Hererra, TRMC

Interim City Secretary