City of Abilene
Planning & Zoning Commission


Notice is hereby given of a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission to be held on Monday, July 10, 2017 at 1:30 PM at 555 Walnut Street, Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, Abilene, TX, for the purpose of considering the following agenda items.

1.Call to Order
a.Approval of minutes from previous meeting on June 5, 2017
a.FP-0717: A Plat of Section 3 and 4, Tuscany Trails Subdivision, Abilene, Taylor County,Texas.
b.FP-3517: A Plat of Continuation No. 1, Antilley West Addition, Abilene, Taylor County, Texas.
c.FP-4417: A Plat of Section II, Antilley Road Subdivision, Abilene, Taylor County, Texas.


Public hearing and possible vote to recommend approval or denial to the City Council on a request from City of Abilene to rezone property from AO (Agricultural Open Space) to RS-8 (Residential Single Family District-8, minimum 8,000 square foot lots), legal description being Lots 1 and 2 of Block C, Southern Meadows Addition, and Lots 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Block C, Southern Meadows Addition Section 3. Located at 5126, 5134, 5142, 5150, 5202, 5210, and 5218 Rio Mesa Drive.



Public hearing and possible vote to recommend approval or denial to the City Council on a request from Weatherbee Construction, Inc., agent Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, to amend the terms and conditions of PD111 (Planned Development 111) to allow for GR (General Retail) uses, legal description being 6.23 acres of land out of the south one-half of a 320-acre tract of land, off the west end of the J.H. Beck Survey No. 42, and being out of a 24.596-acre tract of land conveyed to Weatherbee Construction, Inc., recorded in Volume 3090, Page 832, Official Public Records, Taylor County, Texas, located at the northeast corner of Dub Wright Boulevard and Jennings Drive.



Public hearing and possible vote to recommend amendments to the City Council to Chapter 23, Subpart C. Signs and Billboards – Sections 23-126 – 23-160.

6.Agenda Items:
a.Public hearing and possible vote to consider recommendation to the City Manager regarding the 2017-2021 CIP.
b.Discussion with possible action of Planning & Zoning Commission meeting date and time change.
7.Directors Report:
a.Recent City Council decisions regarding items recommended by the Planning & Zoning Commission.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Abilene will provide for reasonable accommodations for persons attending Planning and Zoning meetings. To better serve you requests should be received forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meetings. Please contact Planning at 676-6237. Telecommunication device for the deaf is 676-6360.





I hereby certify that the above notice of the meeting was posted on the bulletin board at the City Hall of Abilene, Texas, on the _____ day of ______________________, 2017, at__________.




City Secretary